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Born in Namur in 1980, Stef was immersed early on in a strongly techno orientated environment [courtesy of the family]. After a bucolic childhood and adolescence, Stef moved to the big city to study screen printing. Founding member and graphic mastermind behind the Unrezt collective [under various aliases such as Legocentrik and Spray After Sun], Stef has participated in two collective expositions [at the Raffinerie in 2003 and at the Skip Gallery in 2005]. Stef also mixes under different names like St Waffles or as a member of Fat Chance. Always blending photography and graphics, Stef is “dirty” [the walloon touch again…], both musically and graphically. He likes things to have “substance” or “matter”. Things that are unclean, unsure, a little polluted perhaps. In so many words, we recommend that you watch or listen to him at work, but not talk to him. Soft, sensitive, delicate, diplomatic, Stef completely accepts his feminine side [he loves pink incidentally]. If one day you get insulted in the line at the till of your local supermarket cause you’re not moving fast enough, chances are it’ll be Stef, or his father, or both [especially if accompanied by a much more pleasant woman], or his brother, or his brother-in-law [same accompaniment], basically a member of the family. To alleviate his complex he always walks around with a very big lens. He was blond when he was small.



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